Metaverse evolved…

it is an idea – it is a place – a terminal destination.

an Entertaining Virtual uniVeRse devised and created by a chosen few.

an infinitely evolving entity, in the cloud.

One metaVeRse.

endless eXperiences…


XViREnt is under new management! We are doing a corporate restructure and hiring new engineers to continue our journey into the Metaverse. This project is no longer going to be under Lambda Codex Inc, and all assets and all Intellectual Property of XViREnt will be legally transferred to a new registered Corporation in Nova Scotia, Canada. We thank everyone who has taken part in the XViREnt journey and has helped with Alpha Testing and contributed to the project in one way or another. We hope to see everyone in our future projects!

Visit to experience the next evolution of this Metaverse / MMORPG project.

See you in Q42!