What is XViREnt

XViREnt is an infinitely evolving Real Estate and Entertainment MMORPG simulation that had been in stealth development for several years after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

You purchase real estate in the Virtual Reality Metaverse of Q42 in any of the discovered worlds. In this world, your avatar can live, explore the metaverse, interact with other players and go on missions with one of the six main player factions.

Each newly discovered world goes through multiple levels of evolution as it becomes more and more populated with virtual real estate investors and players (owned in the blockchain via unique and resellable NFTs), from only being able to walk in the world, to being able to construct homes, mining, and research facilities, to enabling portals to other residents, or even other worlds. There are even plans to implement VR technology into this Metaverse.

There are currently three types of worlds and locations where you can get real estate. Not only does each world allow you to build your private dwelling or house, but may also contain valuable mineable resources that can be traded for other goods and services within the Metaverse.

Space Installations, including Space Stations and Asteroid Outposts. Asteroids are an important source of building and fuel materials.

Class-M planets, like Alcyone Prime. Beautiful lush earth-like worlds where you can meet wonderous, but sometimes deadly creatures. Xenobiologists prefer the Class-M planets especially due to te relevance of biological samples crucial for their research.

Class-X planets, like 0B3-R0N these are former Xient (Sentient AI beings) colony worlds, full of hidden tech within long-destroyed technological ruins, and underground nodes of valuable Crystal-lightning quasi-metal (designated by Xients as XLN) Ore.

As more players populate a given world, the value of the real estate gets more expensive since the supply of plots on a given world is finite, giving newcomers the choice of paying a hefty premium or purchasing land in other less populated worlds and installations.

As the metaverse continues to evolve, so does the simulation technology, with continuous graphical, simulation, and feature improvements to coincide with new advances in 3D Graphics and VR Realism, the ultimate goal for the developers is that some day the simulation will look and feel so realistic it will be hard to distinguish the virtual from the real.

For more information, follow the next evolution of this project on NeonEchoes.com